Plan for Your Personal Finance Planning Success

Good personal finance planning will never happen as a result of managing your financial life by the urgency of the moment or by what is urgent instead of what is important. As you know, success at anything, especially in the effective management of money, requires you to be proactive consistently in your daily actions. In this article, we’ll be talking about how you can accomplish this starting right now by having a clearly written plan for your personal finance planning success.

Personal Finance Planning Made Simple

One of the primary differences between people who are successful with their personal finance planning and people who are not is that the successful people have a clear and written plan as to how they’re going to achieve their goals. Meanwhile, unsuccessful people assume that as long as the plan is in their head, that’s good enough. Many of us greatly underestimate how big of a difference it can make to simply write down your goals and a plan for accomplishing them.

If you’re reading this and assuming that something this simple can make a big difference, here’s what you owe it to yourself to start doing right now: sit down every night and write out a step-by-step plan for what you’re going to do the next day. Keep it simple, put things in order of priority and make sure that you take care of the things which require the most focus when you are the most focused, which is normally right after you get up in the morning.

Just do this for one week, and at the end of the week evaluate your progress and set out a goal for what you’re going to accomplish the next week. This will be more than enough time to convince you how much more focused and productive you can be by simply having a clearly written plan for how to manage your time and energy.

Staying Focused on the Big Picture by Being Focused in the Small Picture

After you’ve done this exercise for a week, sit down and map out a plan as to where you’re going to be financially in one year. Break this goal down into monthly, then weekly milestones, and finally into small actions which can be taken on a daily basis. This way, you can focus your energy on the small building blocks which will eventually make up your success over the period of the next year.

Too often, people don’t do and then find that at the end of the year, they are nowhere near where they want to be. You can set yourself apart from this majority by following the simple steps in this article and having a clear path towards achieving success in your personal finance planning.

Managing Personal Finances

We all have a duty of creating value in our lives, financially and otherwise, and when managing personal finances is our business to make thrive or drive to ruin. Not only is managing our money our business, but the secret is to treat our financial decisions as a business, the business of ourselves.
Ancient cultural wisdom has passed on this secret of success for countless generations yet many forget its lessons.

Life can be looked at in a way that will make managing your money and your finances easy with this understanding. From birth to passing, you are in business for yourself, the business of you. How you choose to run your business is up to you, but the principles of a successful business will lead to a successful life, both financially with your money and emotionally, let me explain.

A successful business is all about service to your fellow human beings, and providing value to their lives. If you seek to provide as much value to as many human beings in your life, you are sure to be a success, and customers and wealth will flock to your door. So how does this apply to managing money successfully you might ask?

When managing your cash like a business, it is with the understanding that you are in business for yourself. Your personal success business is of the utmost importance, and management will lead to additional opportunities and much success in life. Make sure that treat your financial business with the importance they deserve as proper managing of said finances will have ramifications that reverberate through all the aspects of your life.

When managing your money it is important to search for opportunities to be of greater service and value in the relationships you build. But also to do so with an eye towards avoiding decisions that would lead to bankrupting the business of your finances. Managing your monies will give you additional opportunities to help and build wealth for the people around you. It is your duty to grow your wealth building opportunities with sound decision making and investments to grow your ability to help.

A business is always looking for opportunity to expand and to grow, and this principle should be applied towards managing your money as well. Seek greater income opportunities by becoming more integral at your job, or with another company. Develop relationships with the people you meet and discover how your skills can help them. Keep a keen eye towards the growth of your finances.

Invest in yourself to develop greater skill sets, position yourself for your future. My point, is managing personal finances like a business is about seizing control of your destiny, both with your finances and your life. Imitate the great business leaders from and attack your future with vigor and enthusiasm. Managing your finances in this way, with boldness, and a belief in their importance can have astounding results. Lead your money with boldness, and like an army your wealth is sure to follow.

Personal Finance Series

When searching for personal finance advice, people never think about the impact of their own education, lifestyle, or upbringing on their search.

They look for personal finance spreadsheets, home budget worksheets, programs that offer personal finance in excel or they seek help from experts who have created a personal finance career.

Generally, people look outside themselves for answers in managing money, yet a major characteristic of the wealthy and the happy is their self awareness, a trait embedded in their childhood. They didn’t get mugged by the marshmallow!

Self Awareness: Why “Leaving The Marshmallow’ Is Important

Dr Walter Mischel conducted a famous experiment with a group of children and marshmallows. In the experiment he offered young children a choice between a marshmallow resting on the table in front of them, which they could eat now – or two marshmallows if they waited for him to come back into the room. Then he left and observed the kids.

He then tracked the success of the same children in later life and concluded that those who waited, were much more successful as a group, than those who didn’t. Those who waited and delayed their gratification had a higher level of self awareness, understanding the investment they were making by waiting, which means that in matters of personal finance budget management and financial planning, the ability to know oneself, and having self control is a core part of building wealth.

Self Awareness: Why Happy People See Success Everywhere

Happy people are self aware – they know the impact and influence they project onto others and can adjust their behaviour accordingly. Having emotional self awareness is to understand your feelings, what causes them and how they impact your thoughts and actions.

People with this competency understand how their needs impact their relationships with others, know their own values, and try to maintain a focus on what they consider to be most important. They resist the pressure to put on a false mask of success by projecting trappings of wealth as symbols of achievement.

Self Awareness: How To Negotiate Successfully In Any Situation

A critical benefit of self awareness is to anticipate your own reactions and extend a sensory acuity onto your negotiating opponent. Successful negotiation, in matters of personal finance and life in general is a matter of seeking a mutual win, rather than an outright victory so by ‘sensing’ when to agree and when to back off thus making much better decisions in the moment.

So to successfully negotiate in any situation, simply prepare in advance with the following 7 questions.

  1. How often do I change my approach to things?
  2. When was the last time I experimented with something new?
  3. How important is it for me to fit in
  4. When did I last notice something about someone else while ‘people watching’?
  5. Who do I look up to most in life?
  6. Do I think that giving in is a sign of weakness or a hidden strength?
  7. Do people think I always stay true to myself, no matter what?

Money happy people understand that all the money coming in must be given a job to do, either in enriching life or growing assets. These assets can be children, property, relationships, as well as the more conventional financial services products.

Self Awareness on its own though is limited in the power to ensure financial success and wealth, it is only one of the 6 critical wealth skills, yet when combined in a simple system of personal finance budget software online, is one of the strongest.

Personal Finance Articles Finally Show You How to Change

Many personal finance articles have been written on the issue of money. Can’t say I have been moved to action by many. First I’d like to say it is OK that you feel down about the current situation about your personal finances. I give you permission to feel your feeling for the next 24 hours and then pull yourself by your boot straps and let’s what we can do.

There exist many a definition, I want to share with you my personal finance definition:

Financial freedom is not an event, it is a skill.

I bet right now with the current economic situation you are saying to yourself, “I just wish I could the lotto!” Boy don’t we all and yet statistics and personal finance facts show that the majority of people who win the lottery, end up broke and worse off before their winnings! Imagine that. You among the many seeking wealth, riches, fame few people realize that money isn’t the solution to their problems; the way you think about money is the problem and the solution.

I can almost see you going oh yeah, give me the money and I’ll show you change in mindset! My favorite entrepreneur of all times, Henry Ford was once asked, “What if you lost everything you own?” He responded without missing a beat: “I’d have it all back and more within 5 years.”

Being a master of your own personal finance is not about what is in the bank; it’s about the ability to acquire the skill that will show you how to produce new streams of income and wealth based on your knowledge and experience.

So before we go any further on this issue let us tackle the real problem here that is impeding your personal finance for good! Why you might ask? Well without the mastery of these 5 steps, your desire for your goal for financial success and financial freedom is highly unlikely! This is why big players in any industry have coaches, Oprah has a life coach, football players and basketball players have coaches and mentors. Tiger woods after every bad game will go in for coaching and training. Why? Those who achieve great financial success do not go it alone. They always have a team. Those who achieve great poverty have the do it yourself mentality!

Why is it important to plan personal finances? As you have figured out by now, the cliche is true, when you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

5 Personal Finance Guidelines That Will Guarantee You Become Master Your Personal Finances

1. How do you think about money? Say you come up with an idea to do something. Do you think that will never work? Are you afraid to follow through? Are you scared of losing money or do you see every dollar spent as an investment?

2. How do you manage and invest your time? The average man has at his disposal 6 discretionary hours. This is time they can do whatever they want. No work, no chores etc. Many will watch T.V., attend pricey sports events, spend money on meals at a restaurant and movies, see where I am going with this? Do you do personal finance budgeting?

3. How do you leverage the talents and life experiences you ALREADY POSSESS?
Most people see their experiences as failures. They only talk of how they tried to do something as failed. Thomas Edison failed more than I care to count, and yet he persisted to light the whole world. Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. Thomas A. Edison

4. Do you have a mentor and coach with a proven personal finance curriculum? This is the true measure of your desire for financial freedom. This is where you literally put your money where your mouth is, can’t afford a mentor you say? Well what was the last book you read? Gossip magazines do not count as literature sorry!

5. What do you think is “risky,” and what do you think is “safe and secure”? Most people never break into the realm of the 5% wealthy group who own 95% of the worlds resources because they want to play it safe. They want the money, the fame, the accolades but they feel they should not have to go through the process of creating this wealth. No wonder the internet and other places are full of scams and get rich quick opportunities. Remember this success does not happen overnight, but one night success does happen. Someone once said to me, it takes 3 years to be an overnight success!