Finding Money You Never Knew

For most people getting out of debt is little more than a pipe dream. Creating a personal finance plan that includes a savings plan and a retirement plan are a venture that few are prepared to tackle. We all too often tell ourselves that we lack the funds necessary to achieve even a small part of what we want. We will look at the 4 steps necessary to achieve our financial dreams.

Creating money by reducing expenses

In most cases your current expense has done nothing but grow month to month. Every three months you should look at every expense that you have and find the waste. Things like upsizing every special value meal at McDonalds when you eat out. Sure it is a good buy but if you eat out every day that adds up to $32 per month on average. Electric bills can be reduced by $10-$15 per month just by small moves in the thermostat and turning out lights. A pack of cigarettes a day is costing you close to $4000 per year or $40,000 in 10 years. Not to say anything about the added

Personal Finance Advice For Life

The airwaves are filled with personal finance advice, advocating countless products, investments and disciplines for creating wealth and financial largesse in your life. With all the advice available regarding your finances it is easy to get lost and lose focus on the simple principles that if applied, have been tested to create wealth in your life.

Any sound personal finance advice plan should begin with the most important rule of money, and the one we often find so hard to find the discipline to keep. To create excess money in your life, one must first learn to spend less money than earned from month to month. This is an inviolable rule of personal finance, and I recommend you breaking it at your financial peril. Your credit, bank statements and retirement income will reflect directly how well you hold to this principle, so my advice is to without fail spend less money than you make.

Personal finance advice is filled with such maxims, but how do we follow this advice. If you do not already find yourself spending less money than you

Personal Finance Series

When searching for personal finance advice, people never think about the impact of their own education, lifestyle, or upbringing on their search.

They look for personal finance spreadsheets, home budget worksheets, programs that offer personal finance in excel or they seek help from experts who have created a personal finance career.

Generally, people look outside themselves for answers in managing money, yet a major characteristic of the wealthy and the happy is their self awareness, a trait embedded in their childhood. They didn’t get mugged by the marshmallow!

Self Awareness: Why “Leaving The Marshmallow’ Is Important

Dr Walter Mischel conducted a famous experiment with a group of children and marshmallows. In the experiment he offered young children a choice between a marshmallow resting on the table in front of them, which they could eat now – or two marshmallows if they waited for him to come back into the room. Then he left and observed the kids.

He then tracked the success of the same children in later life and concluded that those who waited, were much more successful as a group, than those who

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The Best Way to Understand Personal Finance

When we are trying to understand Personal Finance, the best thing to do is to understand what Personal Finance is NOT.

Many people think that accounting and personal finance are the same, but Personal Finance is NOT Accounting.

On the surface they may seem the same; they both have something to do with money. However, the definitions will help us better understand the differences.

Merriam-Webster’s definition of accounting is “the system of recording and summarizing business and financial transactions and analyzing, verifying, and reporting the results.”

Based on this definition, we see that accounting is the process of analysing and recording what you have already done with your money.

This is why having an accountant is usually not enough when it comes to your personal finances.

Accountants generally don’t concern themselves with personal finance (there are some exceptions to this rule). Unless your accountant is also a financial advisor or coach, he or she will likely just look at what you have done with your money at the end of the year and provide you with a report of their analysis.

This report is usually your tax return; what you owe

Gurus of Personal Finance

Some personal finance experts are popular all over the world because of their principles, concepts and ideas. They have shared their expertise on money management and saving techniques through their books and lectures. These authors have helped people live financially comfortable life by providing easy to follow techniques. We will have a glimpse of some personal finance gurus, who have been providing the right financial advice to their followers.

Dave Ramsey: Dave Ramsey, popularly known as “Debt Free Dollar Man”, is an expert in personal money management. He offers financial advice to people about how to get control of their money and lives. Noted for his preaches on ‘How to get out of debt and stay out of debt’, Ramsey often talks to his clients in a nationally syndicated radio talk show in U.S. He offers problems in personal finances and discusses topics and techniques on saving, investing, retirement planning, etc. Dave became popular for his #1 best-selling book, “The Total Money Makeover”, which furnishes excellent advice on financial fitness. The book demolishes popular myths on personal finance. His other book “Financial Peace Revisited” also gained huge popularity in 2002.

Robert Kiyosaki: Robert Kiyosaki is a well-known investor,

Get Inspired and Think Big With Personal Finance

Have you ever assessed your personal finances and then set modest goals to pay off this tiny loan first or increase your income by just a little to start making progress? Did you ever wonder why this approach usually ends up being a financial failure? The importance of thinking big with your personal finance goals and getting inspired by them cannot be understated for your success and I will outline the benefits below.

From now on I want you to throw away your modest financial goals and start thinking big. I mean really big. You might have a goal to increase your income, for example, and find a way to earn an extra hundred dollars a month. That personal finance goal was the you of the past, I would like you to take your modest goals and multiply them by 1000! Increasing your income by $10,000 a month might sound inconceivable to you, might sound crazy, but it is one of the secrets to financial success.

Let us talk a little about why thinking big with your personal finance goals works. It begins with a belief that you are capable of anything, I believe in you

The Importance of Personal Finance

Finance is often made more complex than it needs to be, and proper personal finance budgeting to build wealth need not be stressful. Simply by following a few simple basic rules of personal finance your budgeting will not only get you back on financial track but begin the process of wealth creation that we all deserve.

The principles of a sound wealth building system all require the foundation built on personal finance budgeting. Solid and consistent budgeting is one of the laws of personal finance that you break at your own expense. The cost of not following your money, and knowing how your money flows in and out of your possession is dear, and a very common mistake. But, what are the principles of successful budgeting.

The first principle of personal finance budgeting that comes before any dreaded calculations or budget sheet assessment is to remove all the emotion from your finances. This is the hardest and most important of the personal finance budgeting secrets to be revealed. If you find yourself wracked with debt anxiety, overwhelmed by countless financial obligations, or just simply hate counting bills and income, you are not alone. But it is an

Completely Free Personal Finance Online

If you want completely free personal finance online help, you are fortunate as organizing personal finances for wealth building has never been easier and there are a ton of online tools and articles that can help guide you to success. Let us cover a few of the best services online for managing your personal finances.

You might want to begin to turn around your personal finances for a number of reasons. You might have bad credit and are looking to improve your credit score for all the benefits good credit provides. You might be facing the more serious side effects of poorly managed personal finances such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, seizures, evictions or other painful hardships.

If you are suffering any of these financial difficulties, my heart goes out to you, I have been there, and it is a very difficult time, but the free personal finance online tools that are available to you now can ensure that you never find yourself back in such a difficult situation.

Here are a few of the completely free personal finance online services to consider:

  1. a completely free website to help with organizing personal finances, budgeting and

Finance Leads To Smart Business Finances

The financial world may be a mystery to us when we are children but we get a crash course in it as adults. When we venture out on our own, there is no one to help us create and maintain a budget or pay our bills. If we eventually tire of working for someone else and decide to start our own business, business-related finances supplement our personal finance dealings. Without some knowledge or guidance, the world can become very confusing.

One of the best ways to get a strong foundation regarding finances is to read. There are plenty of paper and eBooks dealing with business and personal finance. Entrepreneurs can also find prepackaged systems for starting an online business that includes tutorials regarding the financial aspect of a company. With this subject, it is much wiser to look before you leap, so read, read, read.

Whether they are offered online or at a local college, finance classes will also be helpful. Many cover the ins and outs of the global financial sector, while others have a personal or business focus. Learning how to manage personal finances will only help with managing those for the business. Many

Plan for Your Personal Finance Planning Success

Good personal finance planning will never happen as a result of managing your financial life by the urgency of the moment or by what is urgent instead of what is important. As you know, success at anything, especially in the effective management of money, requires you to be proactive consistently in your daily actions. In this article, we’ll be talking about how you can accomplish this starting right now by having a clearly written plan for your personal finance planning success.

Personal Finance Planning Made Simple

One of the primary differences between people who are successful with their personal finance planning and people who are not is that the successful people have a clear and written plan as to how they’re going to achieve their goals. Meanwhile, unsuccessful people assume that as long as the plan is in their head, that’s good enough. Many of us greatly underestimate how big of a difference it can make to simply write down your goals and a plan for accomplishing them.

If you’re reading this and assuming that something this simple can make a big difference, here’s what you owe it to yourself to start doing right now:

Managing Personal Finances

We all have a duty of creating value in our lives, financially and otherwise, and when managing personal finances is our business to make thrive or drive to ruin. Not only is managing our money our business, but the secret is to treat our financial decisions as a business, the business of ourselves.
Ancient cultural wisdom has passed on this secret of success for countless generations yet many forget its lessons.

Life can be looked at in a way that will make managing your money and your finances easy with this understanding. From birth to passing, you are in business for yourself, the business of you. How you choose to run your business is up to you, but the principles of a successful business will lead to a successful life, both financially with your money and emotionally, let me explain.

A successful business is all about service to your fellow human beings, and providing value to their lives. If you seek to provide as much value to as many human beings in your life, you are sure to be a success, and customers and wealth will flock to your door. So how does this apply to

Personal Finance Articles Finally Show You How to Change

Many personal finance articles have been written on the issue of money. Can’t say I have been moved to action by many. First I’d like to say it is OK that you feel down about the current situation about your personal finances. I give you permission to feel your feeling for the next 24 hours and then pull yourself by your boot straps and let’s what we can do.

There exist many a definition, I want to share with you my personal finance definition:

Financial freedom is not an event, it is a skill.

I bet right now with the current economic situation you are saying to yourself, “I just wish I could the lotto!” Boy don’t we all and yet statistics and personal finance facts show that the majority of people who win the lottery, end up broke and worse off before their winnings! Imagine that. You among the many seeking wealth, riches, fame few people realize that money isn’t the solution to their problems; the way you think about money is the problem and the solution.

I can almost see you going oh yeah, give me the money and I’ll show you

The Success Principles of Personal

An often quoted saying about change is:

The more things change; the more they stay the same

That adage also especially applies to your personal finance. The foundational principles of personal finance has (and will always) work for anyone. You do not want to be creative with your personal finance when it comes to certain principles. Instead, you want to duplicate those success principles so that you will gain the same success others have attained before you.

Why would you want to innovate or change success? Consistency and persistency are admirable traits common to those who have attained a higher level of success.

Here are some success principles on personal finance that does not require complicated calculations or sophisticated degrees or knowledge. It requires common sense. By the way, common sense is an oxymoron these days since it is neither common nor does it make sense (or cents).

* You want to avoid credit cards or any other debt as much as possible. The borrower is always (and will always be) enslaved to the lender.
* You should never borrow from anyone especially relatives because it will change your relation to them from

Effectively Using Your Personal Finances

Once you have determined and drawn your financial plan, there things you can do to make sure the plan works. It is not enough to just draw a budget and leave it at that, you are required to act on it to achieve financial freedom.

With your long term goals and short terms financial goals in place, you need to break down the plan on how you are going to spend you cash from day to day. By these I mean you stop spending your money on expensive clothes or going out so that you can be able to save for your dream house or car. Financial planning is about how you use your money each day. Have a budget that will prevent you from impulse buying.

Life is about the choices we make thus choose to stay at home with your family rather than go out with your friends for a drinking spree. It is this kind of spending that will delay or make you fail to achieve your financial goals. Some of these things, you can make a conscious decision to do avoid them for now and do them later once you have achieved

The Single Most Important Personal Finance

There are many advices out there on how to deal with and succeed in your personal finance. Just like your goals in physical fitness and other areas of your life, you have to have goals in order to succeed in your personal finance. What does it mean to succeed in your personal finance? Success in personal finance means different things for different people.

If you make a lot of money but have a lot of debt, then you will still struggle with your personal finance because you are not making the most out of the money you have. You will be like a bath tub full of water coming in but most of the water is going down the drain. The end result is that you do not have enough water to take a bath.

If you do not make a lot of money (compared to the meridian family income which varies from city to city) which for the sake of argument is less than $50,000 a year but you do not have a lot of debt or other expenditures. You will notice that you do not struggle financially because your income is suffice. Over a

Personal Finance Secrets to Avoid Bad Credit

The following list of personal finance secrets to avoid bad credit are a simple yet effective means of achieving personal finance success. This disciplined approach to personal finance will help you avoid bad credit and get you on track to wealth building. Some of you might already be following this advice without realizing it, for others, life’s distractions have led them to forget these common sense guidelines.

The personal finance secret to avoid bad credit and financial ruin is to create an accurate budget monthly. Wealth building is a journey and it is vital to this journey to know where you are to understand where you need to go. Successful wealth builders keep track of their money with meticulous precision, and this focus on your monthly income and expenses helps you maintain spending discipline. If your budget is currently too painful to consider, try not to worry, and keep track anyway, there is no avoiding this vital step towards wealth creation. Bad credit and financial ruin is often caused by life’s surprises, or poor planning or projections, a budget will help you be prepared for and limit these unexpected expenses.

The next personal finance secret to

Traditional Personal Finance Revisited

“We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto” Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz; which pretty much sums up my view of life in America, 2011.

So what to do?

The “new normal” means we each have an opportunity to start from where we are to create successful future outcomes from this moment on. That is, if we choose to release mainstream media’s “normalcy bias” perfected over generations to perpetuate (no matter what) the illusion of normalcy!

Central to the normalcy illusion is a consumption-based definition of success designed to override concerns in a shifting economic landscape. Yet all around us hard evidence virtually screams the naked truth of the many ways the “normal” we once knew, no longer exists.

Below are my personal-finance recommendations that dovetail but do not exactly match those of traditional advisers. Why? Traditional recommendations typically ignore the risk factor represented by how money works in context of its monetary system. Same as with health issues; without knowledge of the cause of symptoms, treatments generally lack full effectiveness.

When it come to personal-finance success, responsibility for how we earn, spend, save and invest is obviously essential. However, financial objectives can easily elude us if we lack the whole story about money.

Five Ways To Handle Your Personal Finances

In order to live one’s life comfortably and well, it is not just necessary to earn enough money, but also have the acumen to deploy it in a manner that it yields good returns. People who are financially sound and successful are those who dedicate most of their time and energy in budgeting, managing and planning their finances on a regular basis. In order to make your money grow, you not just need to have the basic financial education and make a constant effort to enhance it. Here are five tips you can use to handle your money better.

Make a schedule and select a date in your calendar every week to manage and plan you finances.

People often dream of becoming millionaires but they don’t spend the necessary time and energy for planning their budget and finances. Make it compulsory and recurring habit to make at least one day in a week your money date. This time should be spent in figuring out what is happening to the funds you have, whether you can deploy them in better investment avenues in order to maximize your returns, whether you have any upcoming financial commitments. Make sure

Powerful Tips For Personal Finance

Do you ever stop to wonder where your cash goes each month? Does it often appear as if you can not afford to do things because your monetary requirements are holding you back? If you realize that you are asking these kind of questions, maybe you need to take a quick look at your monetary situation and evaluate whether you are practicing good private finance management or not.

Poor private finance management means you pay out more money than you need to, therefore leaving less to save and invest. Planning your private finances does not always come naturally, and regardless of if you are just starting to take your fiscal matters seriously, you likely need some private finance tips. Personal money management is a habit, a habit that is essential for long term financial success and independence.

Appraise your present monetary situation. Collect correct information regarding your private monetary situation. Work out your net worth which includes the estate, saving and retirement accounts, and all the other assets. This is going to help you decide how much cash you can put aside for meeting future wishes and goals. A basic private finance tip is to make